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At Logical, we are committed to helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges. Our comprehensive suite of assessment and remediation services empowers teams to achieve sustainable growth while meeting the highest standards of responsibility and accountability.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in ESG assessment, remediation, and sustainable development practices. We leverage our expertise to tailor solutions that align with your unique business objectives and values. We have a particular strength in the areas of organisational development and culture, building surveying, regulations and improving the fabrics of the built environment as well as significant experience in remediation.

Customised Solutions:

We understand that every organisation has its own set of challenges and goals. That’s why we offer personalised solutions designed to address your specific needs and priorities. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small business, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Approach:

Phase one: ESG and sustainability reporting begins with looking at the basics. First,  there’s an Assessment (a stakeholder survey), and a competitor review so your strategy  is aligned. Looking at your supply chain is critical too, and this would form part of this  phase.  

We then move to Phase Two and work with your leadership team to devise the future  state of what your ESG plan should be. Part of this phase will involve further  assessments on your buildings and that’s where Logical can also bring significant  experience to the table. In many cases business want to start there for example reducing  their BER ratings, and we can also supply a team to deliver the remediation needed to  fulfil this part of your plan.

Services We Offer

Environmental Assessment

Evaluate your environmental footprint and identify areas for improvement to minimise your impact on the planet.

Social Impact Analysis

Assess your social initiatives and community engagement efforts to enhance your positive impact on society.

Governance Audit

Support with reviewing your governance structure and  practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making.

Sustainability Reporting

Compile comprehensive reports that transparently  communicate your ESG performance to stakeholders and investors.

Remediation Planning

Develop tailored remediation strategies to address  identified gaps and mitigate risks to your business and the environment. In the  case of buildings, in most cases Logical can also carry out the remediation works  needed to improve the building under the relevant headings.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage with key stakeholders to foster collaboration,  build trust, and drive meaningful change within your organisation. This includes  devising and delivering workshops with your clients to identify ESG opportunities  for you as well as working alongside your team, to ensure any changes or  enhancements improve the work environment and supports team development.

Get Started Today

Ready to take the next step toward a more sustainable future? Contact us today to learn  how our ESG assessment and remediation services can help your business thrive while  making a positive impact on the world.